Beautiful Greece

Greece Golden Visa 2022 – The last decade has not been kind to Greece, and the country has struggled with many economic issues. One of these issues was an extremely high unemployment rate. Even higher debt-to-GDP ratio that has threatened the nation’s ability to repay its creditors on time. With European Union bailout funds, Greece has been able to pay its debts. But in exchange the country must comply with strict austerity measures that have crippled the economy. Especially among the young people of Greece who have struggled with one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe.

Top good reasons to invest in Greece

If you are thinking about immigrating to Greece, one of your top concerns is probably a potential return on investment. With real estate prices rising and expected to continue doing so. Especially in tourist resort areas, buying real estate in Athens or elsewhere might be an excellent investment. Not only that, but being a Schengen country means you’ll be able to travel across Europe without visa restrictions. Tourist resorts have been at their best in recent years with a record number of tourists last year who spent almost $20 billion USD. As tourism continues to grow and become more lucrative for investors—particularly those who own property close to popular attractions. The prospects for property owners remain high. As demand increases over time, supply will eventually run out, meaning even higher returns as properties become harder to find. You can find more on investment in Greece here.

Why You Should Choose Athens as Your Home City

Athens has been a popular tourist destination for thousands of years and it’s still one of Europe’s most vibrant capitals. It has a population that is constantly growing. Even though it was severely hit by economic crisis, its inhabitants refuse to leave their city and history, architecture, job opportunities and good infrastructure.

Golden Visa and Residence Permit for Investments in Greece

If you want to immigrate to Greece, there are two major types of visas you can apply for. Golden visas , which give qualified investors permanent residency in Europe, have been available since 2012. Depending on your country of origin, golden visa applicants will be required to invest a certain amount of money. You will also need to purchase property or make other investments over a designated period of time. Your visa application can be successful if you meet investment requirements.

A golden visa is a residence permit for foreign citizens who meet certain asset, investment, business creation or job creation criteria. You can call it S permit. This can be obtained by making a real estate investment of €250,000 in Greece. You have to live there for six months per year so after certain period of time you are eligible to get Greek passport.

Benefits Of the Golden Visa Program

You have a right to rent your property and gain rental income. Applicant can work or live in any Schengen country on Greece golden visa. You can apply for the Greek passport after you have lived seven years. On Greek passport you get visa free travel 150+ countries. The program provides an opportunity to visit any other Schengen country in Europe. But what about current real estate investment situation in Greece? Is it really safe to invest at these prices? If so, how should one invest in order to maximize his chances of earning a good return on investment (ROI)? The answer is yes, it is the best place to invest and get a high return on investment. Properties with good ROI

How Long Does It Take to Get a Golden Visa in Greece?

Greece Golden Visa 2022 is relatively easy and doesn’t require much paperwork. The department gives approval (Blue Paper) on the same day the application is lodged by the lawyer. Usually, it will take you about 2–3 months to get your golden visa (PR Card) from start to finish. That includes time for background checks, your time at a Hellenic Immigration Service (OIN) office and any other necessary appointments. Keep in mind that your individual experience may vary based on how long it takes to get your documents verified or complete tasks required by OIN officials or external service providers.

What Are Some of The Costs Involved in Getting a Golden Visa?

First, investors must spend at least 250,000 euros (just over $270,000) on real estate and/or property purchases. Applicants have to pay a number of different fees involved with receiving a golden visa including government fees, lawyer fees, notary and transfer fee of the property. Contact an authorized representative for more details