Porto, Portugal old town skyline from across the Douro River.

Golden Visa Requirements Portugal 2022 – The Portugal Golden Visa program has been offering residents in the European Union (EU). This gives an option to apply for residency in Portugal and obtain citizenship after certain period of time. For which applicant has to buy real estate of at least €350,000 in old property or €500,000 in new property. Since its launch in 2012, the scheme has attracted many EU investors to apply under this scheme. In 2014 alone, 3,713 residence visas were issued through this scheme, which totaled to 6 percent of the total number of visas issued in that year. The number of investors applying with their families for the golden visa is rising each year.

Why buy property in Portugal?

It is not only one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, it has some of its most stunning architecture too. The reason why property in Portugal is so popular among investors. However, isn’t just down to its natural beauty – it also boasts an abundance of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Many of these are located in urban areas, which makes them perfect for hotel investment. There are several reasons why Portugal is a great place to invest in property. Firstly, there is a huge demand for properties with prime locations near tourist attractions. Secondly, there is a large number of high-quality buildings that have been constructed over recent years. Thirdly, many people believe that Portuguese real estate will continue to rise in value over time as more foreigners choose to buy properties here.

Portugal’s Love with Trams

Golden Visa Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal Requirements 2022 – The Golden Visa program makes it easier for foreigners to invest in property. To gain a European Union residency, and be a part of Portugal’s growing economy. Two types of visa are available; both give you residence in return for investment, but one has less stringent rules. For many investors, obtaining residency through Golden Visa Portugal will be much more attractive than simply buying a property. As an investor would have to make an additional real estate purchase (to satisfy the minimum investment amount) in order to get that second type of visa.

You can also invest towards acquiring units / shares in an investment fund dedicated to the capitalization of Portuguese companies, with at least 60% of the investment geared towards companies with head offices in Portugal. This capital has to be invested for a minimum of 5 years. There is another option to get the golden visa in which you can start a company and create minimum 10 permanent job.

ROI on Real Estate in Portugal

While tourist attraction like Algarve and Lisbon are a hit with tourists, the country still lacks high occupancy rate. Portuguese have been known to not keep up with their investment in times of bad economy. That is why they should invest in real estate through Portugal residency by investment program. Getting ROI on rental income and tourism industry isn’t hard in Portugal especially with its stunning natural attractions. Like healthy lifestyle, historic buildings, world-class food scene, easy access to other European destinations such as Paris and London, vibrant nightlife… The list goes on! All these perks make it easy for you to see why Portugal is one of Europe’s most thriving countries nowadays. The Portuguese Golden Visa program makes an ideal choice for foreign investors who seek to build businesses or acquire property there. Luxury Services Villas are the best option for you with immediate ROI

Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa

  • Live and work in Portugal
  • Visa free travel within all Schengen countries
  • Stay within all Schengen countries
  • Request citizenship and get a Portuguese passport after 5 years
  • Establish a business in all Schengen countries
  • Enroll children in any public school for free or private as local resident
  • Access to free healthcare by paying a monthly contribution towards social security (min. 150 Euro/month)
  • Give birth to a child in a public health institution without any costs as well as free childcare until the age of 2.
  • Access retirement pension after 13 years of contributions
  • Extremely low minimum stay requirement (7 days first year and 14 days following each periods of 2 years)